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Adventure Activities in Chail

Chail promises to be a great destination for adventure enthusiasts, as it is located amidst fabulous mountain ranges and green forests. Tourists visiting Chail can indulge in a variety of adventurous activities and make their holidays in this part of the world truly memorable. It is here that people get a chance to forget their monotonous routines of life and experience a whole new world of excitement.

Bamboo Bridge Adventure Activities

Bamboo Bridge Adventure Activities

Crossing the river on bamboo bridge is a unique adventure that sets tourists' hearts racing. While walking these bridges, they can experience life in every moment that they spend on its narrow path.

Flying Fox

Flying Fox at Chail

Tourists can also try flying fox adventures that would make them feel as if they are flying through the trees and bushes in the forests of Chail. These activities are guided by professionals in this field, ensuring a great deal of safety to participants.

Balancing Rope Walk

Balancing rope walk at Chail

Walking on a rope at a high altitude can be very challenging, but an exciting experience for tourists. These ropes are attached to the trunks of trees and they have to walk on them from one end to another, keeping their balance all the way.

Rock Rappelling

Rock Rappelling at Chail

This type of activity needs experienced instructors and an excellent gear, so that adventurers can descend a difficult rock safely. Rock Rappelling in Chail can be an invigorating experience as there are several locations having rocks that are perfectly suited for such activities.

Burma Bridge

Burma bridge at Chail

A Burma Bridge is a hanging bridge running high above the ground, made up of cables that are used for walking and keeping balance. A small breeze is enough to cause the bridge to sway from one side to the other, but a person walking on it is offered total protection in the form of a harness connected to the cable above.

Tyre Bridge

Tyre bridge at Chail

This type of bridge is made up of tyres that are lined up one after the other on a framework made usually with chains. Hand rails are provided on either side to lend support to the person walking through this bridge.

Commando Net

Commando net at Chail

The Commando Net adds an element of fun and adventure to the tourists of Chail, as they walk through this long network of ropes resembling a spider web. Expert instructors are also available for offering the necessary guidance.